About Us

about almond rouge

The food business market is constantly flooded with people with a desire and creativity to serve edible, nutritious and carefully made food products. Lofty as their desires are after a while, they start to realize that the margins are very thin, and they do not have the requisite knowledge to grow their kitchen services to its next level and ultimately large-scale businesses that serves many customers profitability. This happens to a majority of the new entrants and existing small businesses in the market, they even go further by enrolling in a culinary school that deepens their cooking skills leaving away the business and brand development aspect of their business; here is where we come in.



what makes us different?

We are in the business of educating and empowering food business owners and food enthusiasts to become astute business managers and brand personalities by offering them our food-specific mini-MBA curriculum delivered by successful food-based business Heads. This would provide our audience with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn the nuances of the business they’re in, the market, the customers, and policies affecting them from people who would generally not be accessible to them.

Our vision

Almond Rouge is a food-centric lifestyle consulting business established to serve enterprises and entrepreneurs in the food business market across Africa.

Our mission

Its mission is very simple, to grow food brands and businesses by empowering them with specialized market knowledge to capture business value and sustain their financial health.

Meet our Professional Team

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