CRAZY BUT TRUE: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Chefs?

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Hey Foodie,

Of course you’ve never wondered or thought that there could be anything spooky or crazy about chefs or have you? I mean aside from the fact they work long hours, create exquisite meals and oh! yes that magic they do on the plate that just makes you want to eat more.

Today  let’s play a game calledddddd. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW CHEFS? Are you readyyy?

2. They often cook simply at home or probably never want to cook or even eat their food. 
If you are a chef and you know this truth say AMENNN. I mean they are literary surrounded by food. They smell it, Taste it, eat it, think of it, Yes that’s a lot of food to take in every single day.. So after a long day of work no Chef wants to cook an elaborate dish except of course, she/he is aiming to impress someone with their gorgeous plating and all the 9 yards. Lady friend!! if he is taking his time to cook for you? Then you are important. NEXT.

3. Chefs read alooot: Asides from travelling abroad and attending culinary school, chefs are loaded with knowledge first before the application of the skill. They read about various cultures and their cooking techniques, history and yes of course they get to experience it as well. How do you think they get to come up with great recipes. Lol I guess it’s not just talent after all. NEXT
4.The specials aren’t so special. Gotcha!!!
Chefs ask waiters to encourage customers to eat specific dishes. Lol for a lot of reasons this happens. It’s their favorite dish or somethings are just easier to cook. I guess you didn’t know this but  If a waiter has pointed out a dish that they recommend, it’s probably the chef’s recommendation. When a chef has their favorite meal on the menu, they will ask the waiters and waitresses to encourage customers to choose that one. NEXT.
5. What’s the weirdest thing you have noticed?
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That’s all for today foodies.

Lots of Magic 
Chef Zee. 

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