2 Secrets Recipe To Every Great Food Brand.

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Recipes don’t work unless you work them, same thing with life or business principles. “Zainab Amoo”

We are not even going to go into how important it is for your food brand to taste absolutely off the chain. And yes when I say taste, it could be food photography as well.. I mean you must have tastefully assembled the necessary condiments that make a perfect food picture. Oh no it doesn’t end there. Taste cuts across a lot of things. From the stories that your brand wants to tell to your packaging (I really don’t like that word packaging, it’s becoming cliche and overrated so we would stick with brand identity instead) To the Lifestyle of the brand. Essentially what I am talking about is the makeup of your brand. Right?

You need to have created the right magic (Product) before you even consider these key principles I am about to share with you. And  if your food brand isn’t there yet then welcome on board. Let’s get working.

I recently started Food, People and Advertising and matter of fact that’s one of the reasons I am writing this article right now because I literally forgot to apply the principles I am about to share with you, which is what I am doing that’s applicable to my own industry and any great brand right. No it’s not writing it’s part of it but that’s not the big picture.

It’s visibility; Utilizing the Power of Media. Media will get you places you never thought you could be as long as you have

  1. Great Stuff ( Product)
  2. Play the game of consistency in media
  3. And tell a kick ass story all the time along with structure. Thinking about it, there is a lot but in the grand scheme of things, it all has to work together with media at the forefront.

If there would be any work, free or not, Partnerships, Collaborations, Contributions with a group of people or a brand. The first “What’s in it for me” answer you have to get is “This will guarantee me exposure to the forefront of the right people.

Media guarantees you profitability where your prospective clients and customers are. It’s every where they can see you, hear you, engage with you and access you. It’s about engaging them where they work, where they shop, play, eat and gather.

Your presence in media is a game of wisdom and expertise front and center on their smart phones. It’s about your video promotion or your food tours streaming on their laptops and your thoughts, wisdom or playful banter engaging them on social media. It’s about connecting your brand with them at events they attend, reality shows they watch and blogs they read like what i am doing right now.

2) SO YOU ARE VISIBLE, TWO QUESTIONS: What are people seeing, hearing and learning about you. Let’s cal it 3 questions then.

It’s not merely about using new tools , vehicles and venues. It’s  about doing it better than everyone else. How? Through telling stories.

Truly great stories succeed because they are able to capture the imagination of large audiences.

What’s great stories is your brand able to capture.

Remember this saying if history were thought in form of stories it would never be forgotten 

Lots of Magic
Zainab Amoo

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