Crazy But True; 5 Things You Don’t Know About Chefs

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Hey Foodie,

Of course you’ve never wondered or thought that there could be anything spooky or crazy about chefs or have you? I mean aside from the fact they work long hours, create exquisite meals, and oh! yes, that magic they do on the plate just makes you want to eat more.

Today let’s play a game calledddddd. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW CHEFS? Are you readyyy?

Okay chill before your mind wanders off, it’s not all that crazy but it would be fun for you to know something a little unusual. And here are my top 5 facts about chefs you probably never knew.

Chef Don’t like Picky Eaters: 
Yess!! please who literary even likes anyone that’s picky in the first place. I mean even when I am being picky about anything I get confused about a couple of things sometimes. It’s like it is all spinning in my head. Then just imagine a picky eater. Can I have a medium rare steak  but not have blood in it? Ofcourse ma’am… Wait, What? Loll yeah!! That’s exactly how we feel. NEXT.

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